The Jackson Heights Area Association

Mission Statement

The Jackson Heights Area Association (JHAA) is a neighborhood organization which represents Jackson Heights and several contiguous streets in the immediate area, as indicated on our Maps page. We are not a formal HOA; we are merely a community group of volunteers.

Our mission is:

> To provide communication channels where neighbors can share ideas and information.

> To address community needs, and to work with city officials and neighborhood residents toward solutions.

> To preserve the natural and environmental beauty of the neighborhood.

Our philosophy

What makes a community great? The answer to this question is the same, whether a community is urban, suburban or rural. Great neighborhoods are built first and foremost around great neighbors – those who share and actively pursue common goals for the care and well-being of the area…and each other.

It is important to emphasize a high standard for the physical appearance of a neighborhood for practical reasons – reduction of crime, decreasing turnover, increasing property values – but also for the pleasure one receives from living in beautiful surroundings, a sanctuary from an over-stimulated and over-scheduled world.

Our commitment

In addition to thoughtful and considerate neighbors, we recognize that there are other important elements which make a neighborhood great, and which bring a collection of property owners together emotionally and psychologically as a community. These elements – some tangible, some intangible – help create a lifelong attachment to, and love of, a neighborhood. We seek to help create that bond through various means and channels, such as the following.


We provide multiple communication channels for our residents – in-person meetings, postcard mailings, occasional newsletters, public websites, a private email group, private Facebook group, and other social media outlets. Our private email group is not a traditional email list which provides only one-way communications. Our group functions as an online meeting space, which allows all of us to participate in neighborhood-wide conversations at any time – to ask questions, to share helpful information, and to stay informed of neighborhood issues, essentially in real time.


We use public websites, print media, real estate agents, and other venues to promote our area to prospective homebuyers, and to demonstrate the pride we take in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Gatherings

We host occasional neighborhood block parties, activities for children, cocktail party-style social networking events for adults, and association meetings.


We encourage residents to keep their yards and homes in tip-top shape, we maintain and upgrade our entry markers as needed, and we seek to maintain the beautiful, parkland look of our area.

Our stance on outside issues

The JHAA takes no positions – political, commercial or otherwise. As an organization, we do not endorse candidates or political parties for government or other office, nor do we endorse any business, product, service or line of action.

Our focus remains on what brings us together - a love for the natural beauty of this area, attracting great people to live here, and keeping our property values high.

At our meetings, we occasionally have guest speakers. These speakers may be from non-profit groups such as the police or fire department or the Keep Mobile Beautiful program. If the speaker represents a commercial entity, they are told to keep the presentation focused on information and education, not on sales. The primary intent is to provide a forum for our members to ask questions and gain information about the speaker’s area of expertise. Members may choose to use products or services mentioned in the meetings and in our communication channels – or not – as they wish.

In our Resident Businesses list, we provide information on products and services offered by our neighborhood residents. The JHAA as an organization does not take a position on endorsing these businesses or their products/services, and makes no claim as to the quality of the product or service mentioned. We seek only to inform so that residents and others may make their own decisions.