Woodland Beauty
in the middle of the city

Founded in the late 1940’s, Jackson Heights is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods on the west side of the city of Mobile, Alabama.  Distinguished by soaring Southern pines, majestic oaks and thick, old-growth privacy hedges, this suburban enclave is tranquil and peaceful, yet has quick and easy access to major roadways and shopping districts.

Flora Nonpareil

Our area is famous for its prolific azaleas which delight with a spectacular show of color every March.  That's why we are on Mobile's famous "Azalea Trail"!  There are flowering trees and plantings blooming in the Heights, all year 'round.   Examples are camellias and cherry trees in winter, azaleas and magnolia trees in spring, crape myrtles in summer, and calla lilies and spider lilies in fall.

Old Growth Trees

Jackson Heights is known for its old growth trees and hedges, which provide privacy as well as beauty.

The Heights is most famous for its abundance of tall, Southern longleaf pines.  Shiny pine needles in the treetops, glittering in the sun, provide a sparkling green canopy 80 to 100 feet overhead, and sunlight-dappled lawns underfoot.  This gives the Heights a distinctive look unrivaled by newer developments.

Live oaks, water oaks, cherry trees and Bradford pear trees are also plentiful here.

When the Heights was developed, the preservation of the trees was paramount.  Parcels were cleared just enough to build a house, rather than razing every tree and bush to the ground.  Some of the trees in this neighborhood are decades or even hundreds of years old.

Estate Sized Lots

Jackson Heights is also known for its large, estate-sized lots which boast expansive front and/or rear lawns.  Most lots are at least one acre.  Some are up to 3 acres.

Enjoy your own private forest or meadow on your land.  Take a mini-vacation just by stepping into your own backyard.

A Residential Parkland

Our aesthetic elements combine to give the neighborhood a country-in-the-city or parkland feel, which is increasingly rare in this age of zero lot lines, concrete-covered parking-lot front yards, nearly-treeless yards and streets, and suburban overdevelopment in general.

A Great Place to Grow Up

Many of our current residents were raised in the Heights, and moved back to this beautiful area to purchase their own homes and raise their families here. 

Not only is Jackson Heights in a great location within the city of Mobile, but the city of Mobile is a great location on the North Central Gulf Coast!  From here, it's just a 2 hour drive west to New Orleans, and a 45 minute drive east to Pensacola, Florida.  But you need travel no further than Lower Alabama to walk sugar-white sand beaches on the Gulf, hear jazz and other live music downtown, and annually experience parades and balls in the place where Mardi Gras began in North America - not New Orleans, but Mobile, Alabama!

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