There are many fine schools close to Jackson Heights. Our central location makes for an easy commute to schools in Spring Hill, Cottage Hill and midtown.

Public Schools within 1 mile of the Heights

  • E.R. Dickson Elementary (get waiver from Mobile County Public School System to attend), Bit & Spur Rd

  • Denton Magnet School of Technology, Pleasant Valley Rd (grades 6-8)

  • Davidson High School, Pleasant Valley Rd

Public Schools within 4 miles

  • Dunbar Magnet School of Creative and Performing Arts, Azalea Rd (grades 6-8)

Private Schools within 2 miles

  • St. Luke's Episcopal School (middle school & high school), University Blvd

Private Schools within 3 or 4 miles

  • St. Paul's Episcopal School (preschool through high school), Dogwood Lane

  • St. Ignatius Catholic School (preschool through 8th grade), Springhill Ave

  • St. Luke's Episcopal School (preschool & elementary), Azalea Rd

  • Knollwood Christian Academy (preschool through 8th grade), Knollwood Dr

  • Corpus Christi Catholic School (preschool through 8th grade), McKenna Dr

There are many other public and private schools within an easy drive from the Heights. Search the internet for schools in the 36609 area code, as well as other parts of the City of Mobile and Mobile County. For example, a list of all Mobile County magnet schools can be found here:

Grocery & Pharmacy

Within app. 1 mile

  • Publix

  • Whole Foods

  • Fresh Market

  • Walgreens

  • CVS


Within app. 3 miles

  • Springhill Hospital, Dauphin St

  • Providence Hospital, Airport Blvd


Within app. 1 mile

  • McGregor Square

  • Pinebrook

  • Regency

Within app. 3 to 4 miles

  • Legacy Village

  • The Shoppes at Bel Air

  • Springdale Mall