The Jackson Heights Area Association

The JHAA is not an HOA.
We are simply a community group.
No mandatory dues or fees.

The Jackson Heights Area Association (JHAA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization which represents Jackson Heights and several contiguous streets in the immediate area. The association also takes into consideration issues affecting the neighborhoods directly abutting Jackson Heights on its western and eastern borders.

The JHAA is not an incorporated homeowners association (HOA).  We are simply a volunteer community group made up of neighborhood residents who seek to keep our neighborhood one of the best in the city!

We have no mandatory dues or fees.  We rely on voluntary donations to help with markers maintenance and group activities.

The JHAA was founded in 2003. The organization is dedicated to developing community awareness in and about the Jackson Heights neighborhood. 

The JHAA has continually sought to improve the area. From simple efforts like clean-up campaigns to keep our markers free of trash, to the complicated issues of historic preservation, zoning, and urban planning, the volunteers of JHAA help to serve as guardian and spokespersons for the neighborhood.

If you are a resident of the JHAA area (map below), reach out to us via the Contact form on this website about joining our private communications groups for information about meetings and neighborhood activities.  Proof of residency is required prior to being admitted to our private groups.